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Helping Sightbox transform their customer experience through a new brand strategy and online platform

We worked closely with the team to develop a brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity that presents Sightbox as an innovative company and creating a brand that strikes a balance between product and editorial, putting people at the centre of their service.

Navigating the complicated web of paperwork, scheduling eye doctor visits and managing to make it back to the same spot to pick up your contacts was what really inspired Travis to simplify the process. Sightbox aimes to "simplify vision care for people on the go.”

A new approach to Eye-care.

We needed to raise awareness and reinvent the Sightbox approach to product education across digital, connecting with consumers through relatable stories concerning the benefits of traditional eye-care.


Not long after we helped Sightbox launch with this new beginning, Johnson & Johnson acquired the company to help expand its reach in the vision care industry.

Sightbox Illustration.png

Educating without intimidating

Our experience shares the principle that better vision is more than just seeing things clearly; it’s about living an improved life, and we achieved this message through a playful brand, a color palette that is easy on the eyes and a photography style that is light and airy.

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