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Small Talk Series


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We love all kinds of talks, the ones that introduce you to new stories, the ones you never expected, and the ones that push you to do more. Small conversations can lead to big ideas. This inspired us to create the Small Talk series, which invites an intimate audience to dive into meaningful conversations lead by folks from the LA community to tap into the topics that matter most.

Small Talk with Guest Freya Estreller.png

Freya Estreller

Love ice cream sandwiches, cocktails, and tea? Interested in learning more about product launches and creativity? Then you’re not going to want to miss our next small talk with Freya Estreller.

We’ll be sitting down with Freya to talk everything branding, product development, and life.

Freya is the Head of Operations at Tea Drops. Formally she served as the Co-Founder of Coolhaus and CEO & Founder of Ludlows Cocktail Co. Most importantly, she’s an inspiring entrepreneur that wants to change the world through the food & beverage industry and serves as an inspiration to all.

Small Talk with Guest Steven Perkins.png

Steven Perkins

Musician. Entrepreneur. Life enthusiast. Family man. And so much more.

There are many titles our next speaker holds and we can’t wait to dive into discussing all of them. We welcome guest Stephen Perkins to the small talks stage to discuss his journey and creative process. From his experience with Jane’s Addiction to becoming a father, Perkins is sharing the lessons, people, and experiences that have shaped his life.

Small Talk with Guest Patrick Torres Wright.png

Patrick Torres-Wright

Patrick’s past roles were focus on creative and now he is leveraging those experiences to help grow and strategize for Garret Leight California Optical.

His unique approach to campaign development makes Patrick a leader in the creative space and we’ll dive into seeing the world through his lenses.

Small Talk with Guest Mick McCarthy .png

Mick McCarthy

Mick is no stranger to the bruxton family and we sat down with him to discuss his creative process, inter workings with the Zehner Group culture, and the ups and downs to building an ecommerce website.